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Welcome to our new store. I'd like to tell you about our new shopping system that I'm sure you're going to enjoy! TMG Gases, Inc. has provided this site as a way for end users to browse and buy everything from clothing to welding equipment. TMG Gases, Inc. is a full-service company focused on leveraging national buying power to provide products and services for industrial, medical, and corporate customers. Clients range from national buying programs to individual offices needing to save time, money, and effort. TMG Gases, Inc. will provide you consistent and competitive pricing and quality. So sign up and start saving today!

Steel Medical Cylinder Utility Wrench Balloon Filler with Pressure Gauge Professional 2-Lever Fill Station

Gas Equipment

TMG Gases, Inc. sells a wide range of gas equipment in an effort to help users save time, money and effort. Browse the extensive selection of gas accessories, tools and hardware, including medical cylinder utility wrenches and status tags. TMG Gases, Inc. also carries high quality gas racks, carts and stands to help you transport and store medium to large cylinders. If you need the actual nitrous oxide or oxygen cylinder, TMG Gases, Inc. sells that too! You can also find top of the line oxygen regulators and welding products at the TMG Gases, Inc. online store.

Image & Facility Services

Image and facility services products, such as scrub tops and pants, can be purchased for a lower price at TMG Gases, Inc. The Landau unisex scrub tops and pants are reversible and have a stain resistant finish, which makes this perfect for the busy medical professional. The comfort flex anti-fatigue mat found at TMG Gases, Inc. is a 3x5 high elastic mat that contains anti-fatigue properties. This anti-fatigue mat is perfect for standing environments where chemical resistance is not needed.

Dental Equipment

Shop the great selection of high quality equipment for dentists, including flowmeters, nitrous oxide sedation systems and resuscitation equipment. Save time, money and effort by purchasing dental equipment from TMG Gases, Inc. The top of the line flowmeters include precision glass indicator tubes and ergonomic single motion controls.

Today's Super Deal!

Comfort Flex Anti Fatigue Mat
Comfort Flex Anti Fatigue Mat
3x5 Black Highly elastic, anti-fatigue properties. Ideal for all standing environments where chemical resistance is not needed.

Top Seller

50 Medical Cylinder Status Tags0
Convertible Tuff Rack for 6 D or E tanks

New Products

Wire Basket/ Cage
Nitrous Oxide E Cylinder
Landau Unisex Scrub Top
ProTect INDURA Ultra Soft Work Pants
Landau Unisex Reversible Scrub Pant

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